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XTAR is a commercial satellite operator providing services exclusively in the X-band frequency range, which is the communications cornerstone of today's military, diplomatic, humanitarian and emergency disaster response operations. A privately owned and operated company, XTAR supports the critical satellite communications needs of governments around the world through its two X-band payloads.

The X-band frequency is reserved solely for government and military use, so unlike other satellite operators who also sell to these markets, XTAR has no commercial business to buttress its bottom line. The company retained Sage Communications in 2004 to create a strong brand presence and generate persuasive marketing and sales materials to aid in its market outreach. We subsequently created the company’s distinctive logo, designed, built and refreshed its website, and produced multiple print and online advertising campaigns in the course of our ten-year engagement. These marketing efforts significantly raised the profile of the company, which in turn provided tangible support to its sales and marketing team.

Like its competitors, XTAR has strongly advocated for the U.S. government to commit to better buying practices from private industry. Sage worked with XTAR and a group of other satellite operators to draft a paper titled “Seven Ways to Make the DoD a Better Buyer of Commercial SATCOM.” In each of seven areas, the paper outlined a problem with the current acquisition process and proposed a solution that would save the U.S. government money or better serve the soldiers, sailors and marines who require satellite communications. Today, the DoD is engaged in a number of initiatives that include using hosted payloads on commercial satellites, entering into multi- rather than single-year contracts for capacity, and engaging commercial companies in the long-term planning process.

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