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Headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, Signalhorn was established over 40 years ago as an earth station owned by the Swiss telecom operator in Leuk, Switzerland. Today, that facility is one of two Signalhorn state-of-the-art technical centers that deliver global turnkey satellite communications solutions for corporate, government, NGO and vertical market customers. Through the intervening decades the company underwent multiple management and name changes stemming from mergers and acquisitions. It assumed its current name and identity in 2012 when it was purchased from GE Capital by an entrepreneur and renamed Signalhorn.

While the legacy company had a solid reputation as a reliable communications services provider, no one knew who or what Signalhorn was. The new owner, now the president and CEO, engaged Sage in 2013 to manage the public communications related to the name change. We helped the company refine its strategic messages and market position strategies, and update its website as well as print and online marketing collateral.

We then embarked on a proactive earned media campaign, reaching out to editors of trade and business journals with Signalhorn’s new brand messaging and competitive positioning attributes. Within six months we had garnered high profile interviews of the owner/CEO in several key publications, generated a number of feature stories on the company, and ghostwritten and effectively placed several Signalhorn bylined articles. This significant media exposure contributed to the company’s success in negotiating new business and acquisitions. The CEO was also voted to be a member of the board of directors of the leading global industry trade group representing teleport operators, Signalhorn’s primary business.

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