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Through passage of Executive Regulation 7-12, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett announced on May 23, 2012 a new, higher goal to recycle 70 percent of all of the waste generated in the County by the year 2020.  In order to increase recycling and to achieve this goal, all of the County’s businesses, multi-family properties, and residents must be made aware of the need to be involved and participate in the County’s waste reduction and recycling program. 

To facilitate this communication, the Division of Solid Waste Services (DSWS) sought contractual assistance to develop and place radio and cable/broadcast television commercial public service announcements (PSAs) and supporting print advertisements in local media to inform multi-family property residents and those employees working in Montgomery County about the need to recycle everything that can be recycled in support of the County’s new recycling goal: to recycle 70 percent by 2020.  Value (including added-value) of the proposals was a critical consideration in the selection of Sage as the awardee.           

Our Process:  Sage facilitated all elements of this campaign from start-to-finish.

Sage initiated the process by conducting an extensive half-day activity which served as a combination messaging session/focus group, during which time Sage extracted both the core communication points and a clear understanding of our intended and desired target audiences.

Sage then produced a number of different creative treatments, one of which was ultimately selected by the County for deployment.  Utilizing this designation, Sage then branded the entire campaign, focusing on the core message of “Thanking You For Your Commitment To Recycling,” while also communicating the underlying message that “If you don’t get serious about recycling now… it’s going to come back and bite us.”  The idea was to create non-threatening “monsters” out of recyclable materials which will “come back and bite us” if we don’t dispose of it properly.  We integrated this theme throughout a multi-faceted, multi-media campaign which including print advertising, online banner ads, out-of-home transit ads, radio and television commercials.


The goal of this campaign was to promote awareness of the County’s new recycling goal and remind multi-family residents and employees working in the County about the types of materials that must be recycled in the County.   We know this campaign is effective because the waste diversion rate continues to increase annually.  The present figure of 60.18 marks a nearly 2 percent increase over the prior year’s mark of 58.8 percent, which is both consistent with trends over the past 15 years and serves to further substantiate the viability of the County’s objective to achieve 70 percent recycling by 2020.

As further proof of the client’s satisfaction, Sage continues to be engaged and retained by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection Division of Solid Waste Services to facilitate ad development and creation and public information and outreach campaigns on behalf of their various initiatives.

The pages that follow shall document these campaign elements:

  • Overall Marketing Budget and Advertising Placement Schedule
  • Print Advertising Samples
  • Out-Of-Home / Transit Advertising Samples
  • Scripts and web links that will allow you to view and listen to our radio and television commercials (note we produced these in both English and Spanish)

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