Veterans Affairs (VA)

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is introducing a new program designed to support the family caregivers for Veterans. It is a high-profile project that represents a departure for VA since the recipients of benefits are not Veterans themselves, but those who care for them. Sage worked with the program leaders at VA, and our teaming partners on the contract, to create an identity mark and overall program design that would resonate with a diverse audience—moms, dads, spouses, younger, older, and reflecting a variety of ethnicities.

Sage recommended that VA take a big departure from its "usual" look and feel with its red, white and blue patriotic themes. Instead we presented a color palette designed to appeal to women and photo selections that depict caregiver's dedication and concern. The caregiver is featured in the foreground of the posters, while the Veteran is shown in the background.

VA is very pleased with the look and feel that Sage developed. We have rolled out the design across a series of materials that focus on the Caregiver Support Line and are currently developing collateral for use on the website, for internal VA facilities and for the community of care partners that surround and support these families.

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