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Public Relations

MTN Government, a subsidiary of MTN Communications, engaged Sage Communications in late 2013 to raise the company’s profile among customers, vendors and others in advance of Satellite 2014, the industry’s primary conference and exhibit held in Washington, D.C. every year. Working with company executives in January, Sage agreed upon three story lines that would pique the interest of the news media and result in articles about MTN Government’s activities: the expertise of the company’s president in cyber security; the offering of a software product that detects fraudulent social media communications; and the long track record of MTN in finding solutions to complex technical problems related to satellite communications.

We began reaching out to reporters on these topics in February, and successfully arranged a number of interviews with reporters resulting in several articles about MTN Government. In February and March, articles were published in MilsatMagazine; Government Computer News; Military Information Technology; IHS Jane’s Defense, and Via Satellite. MTN Government’s president also was featured in a Via Satellite profile entitled “Women in Satellite: The Trailblazers” and interviewed for a blog post by another company in the satellite industry.

In addition, the president was invited to speak at the monthly luncheon of the Washington Space Business Roundtable, an organization that promotes interactions among companies in the space and satellite businesses. Sage helped draft her speech and coached her on her presentation. 

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