Branding & Messaging

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (now known as VerifyMe) came to Sage Communications with proven, patented anti-counterfeiting technologies and strong successes within the gaming industry. However, LaserLock's internal and external brand did not adequately communicate its position as an innovative organization with quality fraud preventions solutions. Sage helped LaserLock develop and re-launch a strong visual brand and strategic position that would resonate with both external stakeholders and decision makers across a range of industries. 

This rebranding effort included the development of an award-winning website and collateral suite, as well as public relations support that inserted LaserLock's credibility and expertise into the information and product security conversation. Through these initiatives, Sage helped position LaserLock as a leading provider of anti-counterfeiting solutions to commercial and government clients worldwide in their work to combat the $30B counterfeiting industry. 

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